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Feb 27

Paradise Dreams Come True


During this time of year, it’s not uncommon for visions of sunshine, white sand and piña coladas to disrupt your typical day-to-day thoughts.  For many, it may seem like the winter is never ending. Between this unusually cold February weather and the surplus of snowfall, dreaming of warm summer days under the sun creates the ...Read More→

Feb 25

Embrace Winter in Rustic Style


After a cold winter day, there’s just something special about coming home to a rustic, yet comfortable atmosphere that effortlessly embraces the season. The good, old-fashioned features of these six homes complete with strong barn beams, stone hearths, wood paneling, wood stoves and more, are sure to set the mood for a pleasant, warm evening ...Read More→

Feb 19

What’s Home Trending for 2015


With 2015 well underway, emerging design trends of all kinds are making first appearances and impressions in the world of home-decorating.  Varying tones, colors and patterns, updated appliances and more are filling rooms, and showing us what to expect this year in terms of chic interior design.  Keeping up with the latest fads and styles ...Read More→

Feb 17

Bronxville’s Most Colorful Home

imagereader (3)

There’s nothing quite like an artist’s touch! When you think of home art, the occasional framed painting above the dining room table or garden sculpture normally comes to mind.  In the case of this one-of-a-kind, historic property on the Lawrence Park Hilltop, though, home artwork takes on a whole new, vivid meaning.  Brighten your day ...Read More→